About Us

About Us

The international association for neuro-orthopedics, short "neuroortho", intents to internationally spread the medical knowledge in the areas prevention, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of children and adults with neuro-orthopedic impairment of the movement apparatus and wants to achieve this by supporting and organizing medicinal-therapeutic training and scientific research projects. The activity of the association is not for profit.

Our Members

Our members are internationally trained specialists from all areas of interdisciplinary teams focussing on neuro-orthopedic patients. If you have a similar education and would like to join our network, you can find more details here.

Management board

Our management board consists of six members: President and vice president, secretary of the board and deputy, treasurer and deputy.

Prof. Dr. med. Reinald Brunner

Vice President
Claudia Abel, MSc

Secretary of the board
Winfried Sepin, MSc

Deputy of the secretary of the board
Prof. h. c. Dr. med. univ. Walter Strobl, MBA

Alexander Drehmann, MSc

Deputy of the treasurer
Sabine Albrecht, MSc

Christian Grasl, MSc

Deputy of the controller
Jan-Hagen Schröder, MSc


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